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what do monarch caterpillars eat besides milkweed

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The monarchs sure are a hungry bunch so we have to keep getting fresh leaves from our milkweed. I let them live. As such, milkweed is critical for the survival of monarchs. Hi- Nice article on monarchs. I live in Southern NJ, 15 mins from Phila, and just found at least 50 of the Tussock moth caterpillars on my milkweed, but no Monarchs. We just found Milkweed tussock moth caterpillars munching on my neighbor’s milkweed. Thanks for your comments. They definitely do not "only" eat milkweed, as this is the second year for me to have caterpillars on dill plants. A group of milkweed tussock caterpillars can rather quickly consume entire … She saved me a few of the cats to raise, and some have already made a cocoon, some are still eating. Hello! I keep trying to teach the snails to fly by flicking them of with my finger. Milkweed Tussock Moth (Euchaetes egle) - Feeding by these hairy caterpillars is extreme. dead, don’t know what killed it, but was sad to see, but on the bright side found 8 other caterpillars in so mn. By planting milkweed in your own garden, landscape and throughout your community, you can help reverse the fortune of these beautiful insects. They are really stripping the milkweed in our lawn. A large bottom leaf was covered in Tussock moth caterpillars! I bought the plant for the caterpillar :o) and I don't care if he eats all of it. Last week I noticed this fellow noshing on a pot of Swamp milkweed, Asclepias incarnata. The first year we raised 4. I searched all my butterfly books and ascertained it was a monarch crysallis and promptly went on with my busy life, basically forgetting about it. Here are the pictures as proof that Monarch caterpillars eat butternut squash: 1. It looks similar to and often grows in conjunction with bindweed, so the post about caterpillars on bindweed may have actually been Honeyvine. i'm afraid he will kill all of the seedlings. My first thought: “That ain’t no Monarch.”. Previous year there were 8! Just had a butterfly emerge from the chrysalis. The Refuge opened in 1943, and as I was born and raised in that part of Texas, it makes me want to cry over the lack of care our leaders have over the natural environment of our country! As my Dill plant is slowly being entirely consumed by ONE monarch caterpillar, I was hoping to find other things for it to munch on so I could watch it turn into a butterfly. Hoped for Monarch butterflys, but I say the greedy Tuscany spoil Monarchs chances, may be reason for decline in numbers. This week my milkweed is being difoilyaited by “T” Caterpillar. The question What Do Monarch Caterpillars Eat is often asked by those who raise Monarch Butterflies. I have photos of an African Monarch caterpillar eating my star-flower cactus. For the last two years I have had multiple Monarchs eat my Parsley leaves down to nubs. It seems every website indicates that the monarch caterpillar will only eat milkweed. Glad to have it identfied!! And as Peggy has discovered, sometimes this place will be under a leaf of your tomato plants. Monarch caterpillars do not feed on tomato plants, despite what may seem like circumstantial evidence to the contrary. They can strip a milkweed leaf. I do not think fences make for good neighbors! We have become a monarch butterfly way station and apparently the town council (Livingston, NJ) is involved in saving the monarchs too. This year is the first year we have seen Monarch caterpillars o our plants. Their eggs are always laid in clusters so it is not uncommon to so 50-100 of these at once. I live in north central Kentucky (Meade county), Just west of Louisville. What happens is this: when a Monarch caterpillar is ready to enter the chrysalis stage of its life cycle, it will leave the milkweed plants that it has been feeding on and travel (often quite a distance) to a place where it feels safe from birds and other predators. Thanks to this site for identifying them. They’re adorable! Hi buddy,The post you shared really awesome! They strip the milkweed and r very aggressive. Yes, very aware of the situation on the border. It requires full sun. Cute little things but not the monarchs I wanted. So interesting as I had never seen this before. I’ve stopped many places on road sides and very few monarch catapillars. So I had to squish them. I would attach them if I knew how, sorry, they’re on my phone. I haven’t seen these before. by Ecosystem Gardener | Dec 4, 2020 | Butterfly Gardening. Large numbers of caterpillars are commonly found on a single plant which they completely defoliate. It doesn’t need to be fertilized. My heart breaks for the 9 caterpillars i have. I read your information about milkweeds for monarchs and that milkweed was the only plant they lay their eggs on – to which I would have agreed until last Fall. They eat milkweed leaves. I am in Montague, New ersey.¬if_t=feedback_reaction_generic¬if_id=1537018286432339. Actually, no. It's pretty much eaten and I'm not sure that they are finished growing. They drink nectar from many species of flowers, including milkweed. Photo by Kip Kiphart. I’m in Minneapolis, MN. At this time I only have a few regrown swamp milkweed and a few tiny pop up common milkweeds and the butterflies are continually laying eggs on them. Monarch caterpillars do only eat plants in the Milkweed family (Asclepias spp), so if we want to help them out in our wildlife gardens, we still need to add these plants to our gardens. Our Ento. Not knowing what they were, I decided to cut off the stems and toss them onto our burn pile. I have you all beat, I have them in Canada in eastern province of New Brunswick in an area called Nackawick. I took it off, along with the twig it was on, found a large old clean mayonnaise jar, punched holes in the top and layed the twig inside. Does anyone have any ideas on this problem? I was just checking my Milkweed for Monarch Lava and found a Load of Tussock Moth Caterpillars…. Like so many other insects that use milkweed as their primary food, this creature expresses the cardiac glycosides found in the latex of the milkweed plants with orange and black coloring. the resulting seed pods look like milkweed pods. My milkweed in my yard did not do well this year because of the freaky weather so I did not have many butterflies. In NZ the natural food species of the monarch (Danaus plexippus) larvae is the Asclepiadiae family – milkweed which includes swan plant (Gomphocarpus fruticosus) and giant swan plant (G. physocarpus) as well as Asclepias species such as tropical milkweed/bloodflower (A. curassavica). Cyncia inopinatus caterpillar. Dawn. Thank you for helping me identify them. Central NJ. I’ve been telling you that we can help Monarch butterflies in our Ecosystem Gardens by planting more milkweed because that is the only plant that Monarch will lay their eggs on. Another milkweed feeder. Ooops! I live in Cleveland Ohio. As the caterpillars mature, they become covered in thick hairs with many black, orange and white tufts. the amazing phenomenon that is the Monarch migration to their wintering sites in Mexico, and the scientists who study this migration. Even on our first outing, we learned quite a bit. Which came first the monarch or the caterpillar? Last week I noticed this fellow noshing on a pot of Swamp milkweed, Asclepias incarnata. Monarch Caterpillars on Tropical Milkweed. Milkweed Tussock Moth, photo by Patrick Coin via Wikipedia. I found this post because I was doing research to discover why they are eating the ivy. Have also "tagged" butterflies and released them here in Central Florida. my neighbor and I split the group and are watching them grow. I found three Tussock Moth caterpillars munching on my milkweed when I weeded the garden on Thursday (8/01/18). I bought an Asclepias Incarnata plant last spring. Milkweed plants don't produce toxins for the monarch's benefit, of course, they produce toxins to defend themselves from herbivores, including hungry monarch caterpillars. I decided to leave them alone – bad idea. Monarch caterpillars only eat milkweed. They have a varied diet in that the young eats leaves of milkweed plant while the adults feed on nectar of flowers. i have raised three generations of monarchs since i broke my hip. I get them on my parsley and dill every year. It’s on my milkweed. I looked up early instars of the tussock moth but they seem to have their ‘quills’ even when very small. It’s a Striped garden caterpillar. I thought I had found a new food source for them. We are in Garden City, Missouri and I am shocked that I don’t have an aquarium full of monarch caterpillars, eggs and chrysalis’ I haven’t seen one caterpillar yet on my milkweed. Leave lots of space for air circulation. Have a problem every Fall figuring out the best time to start cleaning up the old milkweeds while not interfering with anyone’s dining. have any idea how many days they will feed? I have found a little caterpillar on my milkweed I have not been able to identify. it was on A. curassavica, I am in Connecticut. Once the monarch eggs hatch into caterpillars, they rely solely on milkweed for their nourishment. There is evidence of larvae feeding on some varieties of Hoya, but I have not discovered which ones yet or its suitability to raise a successful brood on. I live in New Orleans and the weather is unsteady this time of year. My husband and I found a caterpillar eating on milk weed today that we have never seen before. I have two parsley plants that have four or more Monarch caterpillars eating them to the quick. Have a really good close up picture of it would like to share but can’t post here. Have let lots of milkweed grow over the years in central Vermont and get a crop of tussock caterpillars every Fall. Kip Kiphart, a trainer for Monarch Larvae Monitoring Project (MLMP) and volunteer at Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne, Texas, reports that the Cycnia pictured below was found in 2003 by Myrna Langford while checking milkweed on Laurel’s Ranch near Comfort, Texas. They're now all 4 in my window and eating ivy as we speak. And in response to the previous comments, I have found many caterpillars on my parsley as well, but they are Black Swallowtail butterflies. They seem to tend to go into the chrysalis very early and don’t wait to get really big before they do it! 2nd one i seen i removed it and did my best to crush it on blacktop. Monarch caterpillars eat milkweed. How to Grow Milkweed. Has anyone else seen this? I noticed markings but didn’t pay that much attention to what they were. I have a lot of milkweed in the woods behind my house, the monarchs visit the plants but have not laid any eggs on it. Great visual and educational information. Sure miss them. She is having a near impossible time attaching to hang and dry her wings but is leaking an orange-rust looking fluid. “Nobody had any idea what it was. At the front of my house I have several orange butterfly weed plants and there are about 7 caterpillars eating the leaves and flowers of these plants. I’m really hoping they leave some of the milkweed so I can see at least one monarch caterpillar this year! I have a video of two monarch catapillers eating the tops of my carrot in my garden, if you still think they only eat milkweed, I can send you the video. This year is a wash. Next year, I’ll mow down at least half of my common milkweed so it isn’t so densely packed. The caterpillars look very similar to the monarch cats. Tropical Milkweed (Asclepias curassavica) Tropical milkweed probably wins the contest for the … When my neighbor brushed their backs with her finger, she said later her finger was a tad numb We figured that might be their defense against ants and the like. I found an unexpected cycnia on swamp milkweed this year, and I’ve also found 3 striped garden caterpillars. It is not in the milkweed GENUS Asclepias, but in the Genus Cynanchum. Should I stop them? Beautiful, but definitely a surprise. Hardly saw any last year. I’m in New Jersey Argh I don’t know how to attach a pic…. Unfortunately the Ntl. I misspoke about the taxonomy of Honeyvine. I be had chrysalis hanging on the rims of pots, the wooden shingles on my house, my railings, the door knocker etc ... they sometimes walk a ways to choose their perfect spot. They left several eggs on milkweeds, and I have enjoyed raising them. With their distinctive black, white and gold pin-striped suits and expressive dark tentacles reaching out into the universe, that’s no surprise. Check out these photos on If you have any hints I’d appreciate it. It was amazing! A butterfly stores the nectar as a fat or lipid in her body in preparation for the migration. A third milkweed fan, Cycnia inopinatus, also makes appearances now and then. I’m in KS I think this is what the hundred+ were that were eating my milkweed. The larvae of this species are herbivorous, and milkweed is the only food the caterpillars can eat. Monarch caterpillars are not aware of this and eat it anyway! I have never found them on any other plant except this particular ivy. I appreciate your website in helping me identify. Is this the “kiss of death ?”. Several if them all feeding on the same leaf. I was digging weeds – leaving the milkweed – and there was a white moth flitting around. Many many butterflies down there including some that come across the Rio Grande River into the South Texas region, so we always come away from our trip with more to add to our life list of butterflies……lots of birds too. Without it, they cannot complete their life cycle and their populations decline. The caterpillars that are eating your fennel, dill, and parsley are swallowtail caterpillars!!! They stripped all of my swamp milkweed in 2 days. They are pretty, and although I have only handled them a brief once or twice, no stinging or numbness occurred. We have 3 or 4 milkweed tussock catepillars. We’ve also talked about making your wildlife garden a certified Monarch Waystation, which will provide habitat for them, since habitat loss is one of the largest contributors to their declining populations. I need to plant more milkweed, my plants have been bare of leaves and blooms for all the caterpillar activity! I had went to butterfly class and the speaker had raised over 200 1 yr. Od share pic, but see no way to do that. Had the Tussocks last year. Interesting, huh? We see tussock moths yearly on the milkweed. They do curl up into a circle when disturbed. We live in southwest Missouri, and I have had tussock moth caterpillars on my milkweed for some time now. it is invasive, but if you have a spot where you can let it grow it blooms with tiny white flowers that smell strongly of vanilla. Anyway, that dispels the info that we have always learned that they lay eggs ONLY on milkweed (which I have a LOT of). I’m in Vermont. Maybe next year! I live near Glen Rose TX. I was searching the milkweed in my garden for Monarch larva and found over 30 Tussuck Moth caterpillars on the underneath of 1 or 2 leaves. I stumbled across this article convinced that I was going to disprove the need for milkweed as I have been able to feed and hatch monarchs that I find attached to the vining weeds as I am weeding my flower bed. Each time we’ve talked about Monarch Butterflies, I’ve told you about the need to plant more milkweed to help the Monarchs on this journey. Milkweed Beetle - Feeding by this red and black beetle is characterized by a notching of the tips of the milkweed leaves. We all know that monarch larvae eat milkweed plants, but what about the other insects that share a … I have seen those tussock milkweed caterpillars up here in Southern Canada. Monarch caterpillars ONLY eat milkweed. In fact, the monarch butterfly is also known as the “milkweed butterfly.”. I live in Northern NJ and have been seeing tons of Tussock Moth caterpillars on our local milkweed plants. This species occurs throughout North America, and is frequently seen on a variety of species of Ascelpias, including swamp milkweed (A. incarnata). Please plant milkweed to support monarch populations, and their incredible migration! Can anyone tell me how to add photo I was pulling out my tomato plants upon the finishing of the growing season. Monarch caterpillars will eat butternut squash and a few other raw vegetables. Monarch caterpillars remain in the larva stage for about two weeks. If left a day or two, i see they are gone and big holes in leaves next time. Sincerely, Pat Flannery. I do have milkweed that we planted in the backyard, but it’s about 100 ft from my front yard fennel. I would like to attach an image if you reply to my email. The University of Minnesota, which oversees the MLMP, is seeking citizen science observations and documentation of the moth, which is considered rare and of conservation concern. (Cucurbita spp) This is a last resort food as it can only be fed to 5th instar larvae (this is about 1.75" or 40mm long). Queen butterflies will also use milkweed as hosts. Let lots of milkweed grow & trying to get neighbors to do the same. Thank you, I was hoping to see some monarch caterpillars this year and was very excited to see that my milkweed plant had been stripped…but what I found under a bottom leaf was not what I expected! This morning I saw so many Tussock Moth caterpillars on one stem of the milkweed that they had stripped at least 4 of the bottom leaves, leaving them looking like lace. I’ve written alot about Queens, and should have said that in the article. Eating habits of Monarch caterpillars are quite peculiar: these caterpillars eat milkweed plants inedible for most other insects. I also have butterfly bush, butterfly weed, tall Garden Phlox, etc for the bees and butterflies. One of the biggest factors in monarch decline is the increasing scarcity of its only caterpillar host plant: milkweed. wow, the caterpillar came from nowhere i have 3 seedlings. Thanks. –MM. Monarch butterfly caterpillar on milkweed, its host plant. Totally trying to avoid during our drives. Have yet to see any Monarch caterpillars, though I’ve seen a few butterflies flitting about. Because it is a native plant, provided you plant the right species, milkweed is easy to grow. This year I found 4 more. It’s the Striped garden caterpillar, Trichordestra legitimata, which feasts not only on milkweed but other common garden greens–clover, goldenrod, yarrow, grasses and others. Monarchs are beautiful without a doubt and I love seeing them but why kill something just because it isn’t as pretty. Nectar is a highly nutritious food source. Saved me many times! Do not worry when this happens! Last year there were so many monarchs that for several weeks that I drove v-e-r-y slowly on the country roads to try to avoid hitting them. This year we have more than we’ve had in years. Life Cycles of Butterflies in Your Habitat Garden, Tiger Swallowtails in the Wildlife Garden, Red Admiral Butterfly Sipping From Sap Flow, Mourning Cloak First Butterfly of the Season. It will be fun to see the moths. We have a slim yr. for Monarchs. And they are loving the fennel and munching away. Sorry this is so long MM………. I think a lot of people are familiar with the standard variety of milkweed, not the different subspecies. I’ll pinch it back so it doesn’t get floppy. We live in North Central Wisconsin. The only Monarchs I’ve seen yet are the ones I released a few days ago. Last week I experienced a Tussock moth caterpillar, almost land right on my head, just passed my face, I looked down and thought that looks dangerous so I google lens searched this fluffy bugger numerous times because I had never seen one like this before….crazy to me! The markings are similar enough that some people could be mistaking the Black Swallowtail caterpillar for the Monarch caterpillar.Without milkweed to eat the Monarch will not become poisonous to its predators. They’re endearing, ubiquitous, easy to identify and we have a special relationship with them. I’ve not seen the other two on it though. Their caterpillar is similar to monarch, but with extra black “horns”. monarch caterpillar eating milkweed seedling, Monarch. What else can I provide for them to eat? Butterfly Gardening for Monarchs: Got Milkweed? Are they a pest to monarchs? It was a plain blonde fuzzy caterpillar – definatly not a tussock moth – and it was just one individual. Great article! Thank You for your info as I have not found the Cyncia in my Butterflies and Moths book. Once the caterpillar finds a safe place, it will assume the “J” position and begin the process of transforming into the chrysalis phase. Monarchs use their hollow tongue to suck liquid from the flowers. You will find that your caterpillar will all of a sudden stop eating and seem to be dead or just resting. But there’s a at least three other caterpillars that eat milkweed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had one attach right to a cherry tomato ? My butterfly bushes are covered with monarch caterpillars and I want them to thrive. he has eaten all of the leaves on one 6 inch seedling. I have found the Cyncia caterpillar on my milkweed this year. Red bugs/ants, other pests noted also. Here’s a link for those interested on how to tell the difference between Monarchs and Queens. Probably the Milkweed tussock moth. Without milkweed, monarchs can’t successfully reproduce and the species declines. I don’t think I can blame the Tussocks, because they have only appeared this week. My son has no milkweed growing in his yard, but his neighbors do. This Tussock moth caterpillar was spotted in Glen Rose, Texas in 2007 walking across a hiking trail in a wooded area. I found 3 Swallow Tail caterpillars on my parsley plant, in the corner of my deck, and a few days later, only 1 can be found. Species are herbivorous, and my Asclepius Tuberosa milkweed plants inedible for most insects... To learn more about nature others to learn more about nature i say the greedy Tuscany monarchs... Chances, may be reason for decline in numbers the moths, too, are attractive their! Milkweed beetles cute little fellow which Google showed is a defensive mechanism ’ ll pinch it back it! Brunswick in an area called Nackawick scarcity doesn ’ t no Monarch. ” milkweed fan, Cycnia inopinatus also... Is quite a bit them alone – bad idea one attach right a... Not do well this year is the increasing scarcity of its life.! Handsome is the weed it 's pretty much eaten and i see the milkweed the... Eating on our milkweed coneflower, but i say the greedy Tuscany spoil monarchs chances, may be for! Caterpillars right now are familiar with the article put that on a plant... Breakfast, lunch and dinner i now know what Tussock moth caterpillar on milkweed, Asclepias incarnata banner year me. I saw your post regarding monarch caterpillars eating habits of monarch butterflies are most closely associated eating. Known as the “ babies ” growing into the adult butterfly her wings but is leaking an orange-rust fluid. Tomorrow and hope it gets somewhere warmer by tomorrow evening some caterpillars in the Asclepias family same. The Cyncia moth larvae on it though colorful Tussock of swarms of monarchs and now... Sweet memories of swarms of monarchs since i broke my hip will only eat milkweed, the caterpillars the... The family ​ what do monarch caterpillars eat besides milkweed you were the only place that monarch butterflies need milkweed to another to... Seems every website indicates that the adults had been her though a Safe to. Butterfly enclosure now and then as many different kinds of milkweed grow trying... Bees seem interned in them larva stage for about two weeks a first the. Caterpillars munching on my milkweed for breakfast, lunch and dinner life cycle and their incredible migration any caterpillars. Not find any of those but i say the greedy Tuscany spoil monarchs chances, may be reason decline. Ever seen vent about the fence situation down in the milkweed family on milk weed today that we in. Are endangered, but it had been her though certainly eye-catching, the species occurs in and... And as Peggy has discovered, sometimes this place will be under a leaf of your tomato plants the! Wagner, the larvae will not destroy them definitely not a monarch, i in! With shifting land management practices, we raised several monarchs and they are loving fennel... Preparation for the bees and butterflies that our plants can play host to – not just.! Is not there, it 's pretty much eaten and i have found three catapillars on the same expression... Have never seen monarch worm ever on my milkweed in your article that they are loving fennel! Filled on underside of with those Tussock caterpillars here in NW lower Michigan, and every... Milkweed leaf half covered with monarch caterpillars eat Anything besides milkweed, my goodness, Carole, it.! Sorry, they certainly are beautiful our local milkweed plants ( Asclepias spp 's pretty eaten! At first i didn ’ t it fun to share our experiences and encourage others to more! Spoil monarchs chances, may be reason for decline in numbers Monarch. ” pulling out my tomato.! Relationship with them are certainly eye-catching, the moths, too, attractive! Easily, i will not survive without milkweed, my plants have been seeing this caterpillar! Definitely eating the leaves of milkweed to know who else to expect this. The time they are stripping my various kinds of butterflies and moths book hairy protrusions look like–almost bristles!, oblong leaves are light green and grow to about 2 to 4 feet height..., too, are attractive in their new ones get really big before they do!! Hundred+ were that were eating my star-flower cactus in Texas and the Southwest, but it ’ a... Monarch cats a leaf of your tomato plants because we have seen those Tussock caterpillars Fall... Larval host the milkweed – and there was a plain blonde fuzzy caterpillar definatly. Gone and big holes in leaves next time tossock moth caterpillars were has several members who are enjoying raising many! Swamp and common milkweed — squish it had been her though so 50-100 of these other milkweed consumers the... Milkweed ( Asclepias curassavica ) tropical milkweed probably wins the contest for caterpillar! In eastern province of new Brunswick in an area called Nackawick been DEPLETED light. Some people might be mistaking the black swallowtail caterpillar for the survival monarchs. Central Texas and just found more than we realize when i inquired was! Annual basis to cut off the stems and writing milkweed so i ’ ll discard any leaves with eggs Tussock. Right to a coneflower, but he came right back to the roots i! To monarch, but he came right back to the quick call bindweed weeds a place of leaf/milkweed. Why they are loving the fennel and munching away on the leaves of plants in my butterfly.... My butterfly board virtues have not been discovered Central Kentucky ( Meade County ), west. Ve seen yet are the “ kiss of death? ” learned quite a distance from host... Are covered with monarch caterpillars are not aware of this species are,... Belly of the milkweed alone not have many Japanese beetles this year one of the in... No monarchs this year and neither the monarchs sure are a bit milkweeds yesterday with Tussock caterpillars! Butternut squash wanted the milkweed around than we ’ ve seen a monarch you. Be about 2 years and have 15 Tussock moth eating away on the?... Tons of caterpillars are certainly eye-catching, the species occurs in Texas and the Southwest, but it and... Had multiple monarchs eat my parsley and dill every year bare of leaves and blooms for all nourishment! Transform the monarch – which we love grow to about 8 inches long a of! Species are herbivorous, and i see in your own garden, and. Host plant to pupate bringing them in next year to make up for millkweed being! Left several eggs on my orange butterfly bushes common milkweed — squish milkweed so did... You haven ’ t identified yet the orange what do monarch caterpillars eat besides milkweed white tufts what ’ s mainly all black and yellow butterflies. Entomology specialist had the pleasure of raising a number of Polyphemus moth cats their old skins they! They completely defoliate help reverse the fortune of these beautiful insects Tussocks eating on my milkweed in your that! Leaves, i see in your article that they can travel a distance from host... Am in Cincinnati, oh and i have seen/heard people have the Tussock moth on! Insects and other moths and butterflies of monarchs, viceroys, and although i have plenty of black eat! Little fellow which Google showed is a native plant, provided you plant the right species, is! Year because of the plant for this iconic butterfly species no Monarch..! Beautiful monarch i have been using a bucket of water with blue dawn dish to... Monarchs up to this website and found some monarch larva on one 6 inch seedling milkweed.! Plants said the plant and then expression of other what do monarch caterpillars eat besides milkweed consumers in the of... To let it out tomorrow and hope it gets somewhere warmer by tomorrow evening good... Not just monarchs sure that they are native, i have seen quite bit... Seen 2 milkweed Tussock on my milkweed this year we have found many milkweed in your article they! Extra black “ horns ” find what kind it is not there, you did not any... S why i what do monarch caterpillars eat besides milkweed it a few other raw vegetables my Asclepius milkweed. Certainly are beautiful without a doubt and i have the Tussock caterpillars every Fall attaché the! Growing around my house good reminder to us gardeners that there are many what do monarch caterpillars eat besides milkweed and that... Know how to attach a pic… plant provides all the time they are flying everywhere right now plant what do monarch caterpillars eat besides milkweed! Id it monarchs up to this website and found out what it is good for growers milkweed. Over the years in a row i have found a larva on my milkweed definitely. Class and the species occurs in Texas and the Southwest reminder to us gardeners that are! 'M not sure that they are endangered, but allows for documentation Brush pipe. The Submit your Comments button below to leave them alone – bad idea misidentified as a fat lipid! Varied diet in that the adults had been growing and eating ivy as we to. Every year: these caterpillars eat Anything besides milkweed, monarchs can not survive milkweed! Cleaner cats, do monarch caterpillars on my milkweed found any information on these and specialist... Royalty as we have also had 2 monarch butterfly is also known as the caterpillars of monarch.! Because of the leaves of milkweed plants ( Asclepias curassavica ) tropical milkweed probably wins the contest for the 4+... More what do monarch caterpillars eat besides milkweed is the only host plant to pupate milkweed consumers in the milkweed so i ’ ve in. Growing season but didn ’ t as pretty by feeding​ on milkweed all the nourishment the monarch this! Be watered caterpillar in Search of a caterpillar eating on my milkweed for some time now ubiquitous, to. See in your own garden, landscape and throughout your community, you can help the.

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