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The remains of another massive 9th-century basilica adjacent to the scriptorium at Boris I's Theotokos Panagia monastery are being excavated and conserved. 7 Tage Flug + Hotel Angebote ab 313 € p.P . August) und Timis (7. with foundations of cut stone and bricks and a large garden of 2740 sq.m. with foundations of cut stone and bricks and a large garden of 2740 sq.m. In 1866, the first railroad in Bulgaria connected Varna with the Rousse on the Danube, linking the Ottoman capital Constantinople with Central Europe; for a few years, the Orient Express ran through that route. Its name appears as Odesopolis (Ὀδησόπολις) in the Periplus of Pseudo-Scylax; and as Odyssos or Odyssus (Ὀδυσσός) in the Synecdemus and in Procopius. Tourism is of foremost importance with the suburban beachfront resorts of Golden Sands, Riviera Holiday Club, Sunny Day, Saints Constantine and Helena attracting around 1 million foreign tourists in 2016. Probably after the downfall of his kingdom, Celts blended with the greatly numbered Thracians in the country. Snow is possible in the coldest months, but can quickly melt. Foi fundada pelos milésios em princípios do século VI a.C. e sofreu sempre a influência dos povos vizinhos da Trácia. How to find a Postal Code. Each administrative division maintains its own postal code for mail delivery purposes. Theophanes the Confessor first mentioned the name Varna, as the city came to be known, with the Slavic conquest of the Balkans in the 6th to 7th centuries. 20; Charming luxury penthouse near Dimyat hotel, Varna (ID:15058) Sports hall, Varna City. [40] According to the 1883 census, it was the second-largest in Bulgaria after Ruse. Take a stroll to witness the steep cliffs and wave-lashed coast, and explore the remnants of the cape’s ancient fortress. Metodi Popov Third High School of Science and Mathematics, Private Trade School (offering opportunities for international students and distance education), Puppet Museum (antique puppets from Puppet Theatre shows), Nicolaus Copernicus Observatory and Planetarium, Modern Art Centre (Graffit Gallery Hotel), Numerous smaller fine and applied arts galleries, Opera and Philharmonic Society (opera, symphonic and chamber music, ballet, and operetta performances; earliest philharmonic society founded 1888), Scenderman art network (music and visual art), Morski Zvutsi Choir School (academic choirs), Dim4ou, Madmatic, Qvkata DLG, Varna Sound and many more (hip-hop), Daniela Dimova & Janette Benun – Scenderman Network, Maniacal Pictures (alternative/rock/post punk), Zayo Bayo Gives Me The Creeps (death thrash), Festival and Congress Centre (in Bulgarian, 1986; concerts, film, theatre and dance shows, exhibitions, trade shows), In the Palace International Short Film Festival, founded in 2003, annual, International May Choir Competition (annual), International Festival of Red Cross & Health Films (biennial), World Animation Festival (founded 1979, to resume in 2009), International Print Biennial (founded 1981), New Year's Eve concert and fireworks (Independence Square), Anifest (Anime, Manga and Japanese culture Festival), Dentaprime Clinic, dental implants and aesthetic dentistry, Kamee Clinic, plastic and reconstructive surgery, Kibela Consultancy Centre, psychological consultancy, Dr. Marko Markov Interdistrict Dispensary for Oncological Diseases, Sveta Marina University Hospital for active treatment, Universum Medical, alternative medicine and massage, This page was last edited on 15 December 2020, at 19:47. Varna is accessible by air (Varna International Airport), sea (Port of Varna Cruise Terminal), railway (Central railway station), bus, and road. Prehistoric settlements are best known for the Chalcolithic necropolis (mid-5th millennium BC radiocarbon dating), a key archaeological site in world prehistory, eponymous Varna culture and internationally considered the world's oldest large find of gold artefacts, existed within modern city limits. Monatliche Vermietung in Provadia area Varna Bulgarien - Langzeitmieten in Bulgarien Villen, Häuser in Provadia area ! Famous Bulgarian swimmers from Varna are Aleksi Aleksiev (aka the Pope), Milko Rachev (aka Brother Milko), Maria Nikolova, Julian Rusev. Die Stadt ist das Bildungs- und Kulturzentrum des Landes. The highest temperature ever recorded was 41.4 °C (106.5 °F) in July 1927 and the lowest −24.3 °C (−11.7 °F) in February 1929. By ethnic group, ethnic Bulgarians were then 6,714, of whom 4478 men and 2236 women. The name Odessos could have been pre-Greek, arguably of Carian origin. Men's basketball (Euroins Cherno More), women's volleyball, gymnastics, boxing, martial arts, sailing and tennis are also vibrant. Rosslyn Dimyat Hotel Varna is located in the heart of Varna next to the Sea Garden, 1640 feet from the Varna Beach and 0.6 mi away from the city center. Although Varna receives about two-thirds of the average rainfall for Bulgaria, abundant groundwater keeps its wooded hills lush throughout summer. Varna has some of the finest and oldest museums, professional arts companies, and arts festivals in the nation and is known for its century-old traditions in visual arts, music, and book publishing, as well as for its bustling current hip hop and pop-culture scene. As early as the 1880s, numerous daily and weekly newspapers were published in Bulgarian and several minority languages. Characteristic for their culture weapons and bronze objects are found all over the region. This is also evidenced by various ceramic pottery, made by hand or by a Potter's wheel, bronze ornaments for horse-fittings and iron weapons, all found in Thracian necropolises dated 6th–4th c. BC near the villages of Dobrina, Kipra, Brestak and other, all in Varna Province. Pay now or later on most rooms; Free cancellation on most hotels Some hotels require you to cancel more than 24 hours before check-in. The central sea baths and the beach are situated below the Sea Garden. Germany has removed the district of Varna in Bulgaria from its list of high-risk areas, according to a notice posted on a German government website. The 50m pool, now in line with FINA pool criteria, was adjacent to the water polo and diving pool "Aleksi Aleksiev". Refugees from the 1910s wars also settled in similar poorer yet vibrant neighbourhoods along the city edges. Provadiya, Varna. 3 bedroom detached house for sale . Along with local buses, trolleybuses, fixed-route minibus lines, there is also a large fleet of taxis. 60% са без варненска регистрация", "/ Weekend / House & Home – Port in a storm", "National Statistical Institute – Towns population 1956–1992 – in Bulgarian", "Bulgarian National Statistical Institute – Bulgarian towns in 2009", "Bulgaria (Major Cities): Districts, Major Cities & Towns – Statistics & Maps on City Population", "Bulgarian Academy of Sciences -in Bulgarian",, "Как дедите ни сложиха "български печат" на Варна", "Logistic Park Varna received First Class Investor Certificate – Daily News Article", "Варна втора в страната по предстоящо строителство на нови жилища", "Варна е "Най-добър град за живеене" и "Пазител на историята, "Varna City Card – Explore Bulgaria's seaside capital & save money! Trakata (Varna), Bulgarien: Goldstrand / Varna. Perhaps the new name applied initially to an adjacent river or lake, a Roman military camp, or an inland area, and only later to the city itself. In retail, the city not only has the assortment of international big-box retailers, now found in larger Bulgarian cities, but boasts made-in-Varna national chains with locations spreading over the country such as retailer Piccadilly, the famous restaurant chain Happy and pharmacy chain Sanita. The urban area has in excess of 20 km of sand beaches and abounds in thermal mineral water sources (temperature 35–55 °C or 95–131 °F). [32] Studio apartment for sale in Varna (ID: 12200) District: Varna This is a cheap, studio …

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