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Hey guys,Cold and Flu season is here and we got hit HARD this past week. Brimming with vitamins from green apples, cayenne, lemon, ginger and celery, this elixir will help This easy lemon ginger shot is made with fresh ginger and lemons. About Wellness Our shot delivers all of the health and nutritional benefits of ginger, including digestive and immune support. The side of me that embraces home ferments (like homemade kombucha, milk kefir, and water kefir) also leaps up and down in excitement over these lemon ginger shots. I want to say that you can customize it by adding more or less of these ingredients. By now you’ve probably run into those tiny little bottles of juice lined up on the shelves of health food stores. Add a little cayenne pepper for a wellness shot with an extra kick! If you prefer, a teaspoon or tablespoon might be enough for you. How to Make Ginger Wellness Shots Prepare the ginger. And Recipe: Turmeric & Ginger Health Shot February 25, 2019 February 24, 2019 I’ve written in great length about the health benefits of turmeric in drink form, but today I’m bringing you one of my favorite ways to enjoy it: In shots! 2. Scale the recipe … So, no more excuses – it’s the most convenient way of getting those antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties into your diet. This recipe calls for fresh ginger and turmeric, as it won’t be the same using ground ginger. How to Make a Superfood Ginger Wellness Shot : With the new year and everyone trying to be healthy and trying to not get sick, I am sharing this Superfood Ginger Wellness Shot (there isn't any alcohol in it). The combination of solely ginger and lemon juice is extremely concentrated and potent, so when I have my shot each morning, I thin it out with equal parts water in order to avoid a 45-minute, ginger-induced coughing attack You can make this shot in a juicer or blender. This ginger and grapefruit shot is the perfect recipe to start drinking wellness shots. Pineapple Fresh ginger Lime HOW TO MAKE GINGER SHOTS Making wellness juice shots at home takes about 10 minutes start-to-finish depending on the amount of shots you make. How To Make A Ginger Shot In A Juicer For the uttermost basic ginger shot all you need to do is get a lump of fresh ginger, about 2 oz or about 2.5 inches long, peel all the outside skin off and throw it in the juicer! Hey, that was the first long haul when I … Pineapple Ginger Wellness Shots Makes about 2 cups worth Ingredients: 1 cup fresh pineapple, cubed (you could also sub for pineapple juice) 1 cup coconut water 2 tbsp fresh ginger, minced 1/2 lemon, juiced (about 2-3 tbsp) GINGER SHOT RECIPE This wellness shot recipe is a simple blend of ginger and pineapple with lime. filtered water … known for having a multitude of health benefits, turmeric is packed into our original Ginger Love recipe and served in this easy to drink single serving for a natural energy and immune boost, helping us get through the good days and the bad! Ginger Shot Recipe These lemon ginger shots require just three ingredients to make – four if you’d prefer to tame the spicy kick of the ginger by adding an orange. Make this wellness juice at home fast instead of buying it from the grocery store or local cafe. Learn more about how to prepare highly addictive shots. If the yield of your recipe seems Give your body a boost and jumpstart your day with immune-boosting vitamins and minerals with these Turmeric Ginger Wellness Shots. Into the juicer went celery, green apple, ginger and lemon. Ginger shot recipes: three intense, hot, nutrient-packed ginger shot variations. Ginger Cherry Shot 1 small piece of fresh ginger 1 cup, or about 10-12 cherries Includes recipes for a ginger shot, beet shot, carrot turmeric and green juice shot. So if you made any wellness shot today, make that one first! Wellness Shot Kick your health up a notch in one swift swig with this power shot. Healthy “Flu Shot” Ginger Shot Yields 8 servings Ingredients 1 Tbsp fresh ginger 16 oz. Ginger + Beet Wellness Shot Cheers to a healthy gut and a quick boost to the immune system! Combine the ingredients of 4 parts fruit juice of your choice, one part apple cider vinegar, and additional flavorings like turmeric or ginger, in a small glass jar with a lid (). Discover the perfect recipe for immunity with this ginger turmeric wellness shot- full of immune system boosting properties and more. shot glassful is generally too much for me, so I fill it halfway. A spicy sweet pineapple ginger wellness shot to support good digestion and help settle upset stomachs. The most popular wellness shot is ginger shots. What I got was a bland, slightly sweet, free-from-kick concoction that I would not have known contained Also, I love it when you tag me in your creations @AlphaFoodie . I love wellness shots. Peel and chop the fresh ginger into manageable pieces. This powerful shot combines freshly pressed organic ginger with the freshest California lemons, refreshing coconut water, and a pinch of Cayenne pepper. I recently shared this at home turmeric shot on my instagram, and now I’m here to share the full turmeric shot recipe with you here. Then come back and try these flavors. Fresh turmeric Fresh ginger Lemons Raw apple cider … If you give this Ginger Turmeric immune-boosting shots recipe a go, then please let me know in the comments below. I was hooked the first time I threw one back with Jay, the owner. Photo and recipe: Tina Jeffers / Scaling Back 5. With wellness shots being all the new trend, I decided to pick up the Cold Pressed Apple & Ginger Shot from Woolworths. This ginger and beet wellness shot delivers a quick natural dose of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in a concentrated dose to fuel your body. A wellness shot a day keeps the doctor away? Ginger shots have been getting more popular in the last few years. And with so many health benefits, it's no wonder why. Recipe for immunity boosting wellness shot with lemon, ginger, turmeric, orange, and pepper. You could get away with using ground turmeric (I’d probably go for around 2 tbsp), but fresh ginger is essential for making this shot! The Wellness Juice Shot There is a little juice bar I duck into on occasion for their Wellness Shots. Along with turmeric , this shot contains black pepper (which helps with the absorption of curcumin, the main anti-inflammatory compound in … Learn how to make wellness shots and the benefits of drinking one a day. Turmeric shot recipe with apple and ginger Our turmeric shot recipe is made in a shot and drunk in a shot. This particular wellness shot is primarily made up of fresh ginger, fresh lemon, and apple. This small immune booster shot packs a huge nutrition punch. I … And, as I said, I have the best blender ginger shots recipe on this blog! With all the craziness of the Coronavirus, it’s harder to find simple necessities like bottled vitamins and minerals on our grocery store shelves. This is a recipe about making wellness shots with orange and ginger as ingredients. As we are supposed to eat a rainbow of foods a different coloured juice each day will help to drink the rainbow. Try this Keto lemon ginger green juice shots recipe if you’re looking for a … A week of Project Juice's wellness shots left me feeling both high and low. See Jessica Rosen’s ginger shot recipe below. Ginger is one of those rare foods that’s genuinely a real superfood. My husband and I have been doing shots every single morning for the past week. This Wellness Shot is strong and bracing and a little addicting! Wellness Shot – Turmeric Tonic With Coconut Water, Ginger And Honey Heather Dessinger 112 Comments This post contains affiliate links. GINGER TURMERIC SHOT RECIPE 200g of ginger 200g of turmeric 2 lemons 1/5 tsp A 1 oz. Juice shots, immunity shots, wellness shots…who knew nutrition could be so concentrated? Filed Under: Breakfast , DIYs , Drinks , Recipes , Vegan Tagged With: 10 minutes , 4-ingredient , daily shots , diy , energy shot , ginger , ginger turmeric , immune-boosting , turmeric , wellness TURMERIC SHOT RECIPE This wellness shot recipe is a simple blend of 4 immune-boosting ingredients. It’s also super easy to get all of the great immune benefits that it offers by making these ginger wellness shots. They are all much lower in sugar than usual juices due to the high veggie content and have a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. It is a powerful immune booster This ain't your regular old Ginger Love!

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